Knowledge is our greatest asset

We excel in intellectual property, data protection, and data security law. Our expertise lies in translating complex legal terms into clear, understandable language, ensuring simplicity and clarity in all interactions.

Our strength is in IP and data protection

We provide tailored services based on our clients’ needs, ranging from brief legal consultations over the phone or via email to comprehensive legal discussions.
Emily Rodriguez, CTO
Choosing to partner with Clearive ZBB was one of the best decisions our company has made. Their comprehensive approach to intellectual property protection has been instrumental in safeguarding our innovations.
Michael Anderson, Creative Director
Their team’s attention to detail and proactive measures have ensured that our designs and concepts remain safe from infringement. With these guys by our side, we feel confident in our ability to maintain our competitive edge in the market.
Our strength

What we find important


Quality is the number one metric for our work, our networking, our office, and meetings.


We constantly search for ways to improve ourselves and, whenever possible, society.


We don’t care about colour, age, seniority, industry, origin, gender, religion, …

Fostering the growth of your company

We’ve proudly served a diverse array of industries, spanning from information technology and health tech to life sciences, biotechnology, sports, music, and entertainment.
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When you decide to collaborate with us, you will be assigned a professional accountant and initiate the onboarding process.
We are incredibly on top of things!
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